Data Recovery
Recover your precious memories and business information with professional, confidential mobile phone and forensic data recovery services.

If your phone is damaged or broken and want your data recovered, our Gold Coast team of specialists can help. 

Our team recovers data that other providers can’t. 

We offer three levels of data recovery services:

1. Three-stage clean
This is a service unique to, and developed by Mr Fone Fix. We start with a complete disassembly and conduct an intensive three stage cleaning process on your phone including testing and reassembly.

2. Micro-soldering
This is a specialised service requiring extensive training in which your phone’s motherboard is removed, with its microscopic components repaired or replaced.

3. Forensic
Any forensic repairs are conducted by an expert using proprietary, cutting-edge forensic data recovery techniques.

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Why call us? Let our happy customers tell you:

AMAZING!! And many words to describe A job well done!! Great customer service and the job was done perfect. If you’re looking for anyone to fix your phone stop looking because Mr Fone Fix has got YOU.. prices are cheap too.

Moeroa S

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