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Time for a new phone, or looking for a better deal on your plan?

Don’t waste time shopping around or going into a retail store where they might just put you on the phone to their head office. The Mr Fone Fix team comes to you to organise your new phone and find the best plan to suit your needs.

And if you’re sick of trying to make sense of confusing mobile plans then talk to us. Our team takes the time to find out what you need and recommend the best value plan to suit you (without all the stuff you don’t need, or paying extra on excess data charges). 

We’ll answer your questions so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Buy a new
phone outright

We offer a range of the latest mobile phones at competitive prices, hand-delivered to your door.

Upgrade your
phone and plan

Ready to upgrade? We’ll come to you to find you the best plan to suit your needs.

Get a new
phone & plan

Upgrade to the latest and best phone and get a better plan without leaving your home or office – we come to you.

Get a
better plan

Don’t stay on your out-dated plan and pay too much for data and calls. Talk to us now to update and get the best value for money.

Get the best phone and plan to suit you without the hassle:

Why call us? Let our happy customers tell you:

Fantastic service! Saved me hours waiting to fix my phone! Also sorted out a great new mobile contract too!

Andrew G

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